For the first 6 months of being back at work, I complained bitterly about not being able to get to the gym in a morning (my favourite time) and then it dawned on me the other day that I could haul my ass out of bed before the larks and get there. 

In fairness to me, it wasn’t really feasible prior weaving as we didn’t have a convenient gym and since we moved I have been struggling to get my ass well. 

Finally I feel like there is progress. I have the added motivation of booked events and I’m sick of having no tone.. So what do you do, complain and do nothing? Nope, you move the none negotiable to 4am and no questions allowed! 

It was something that carried me through when I used to get up early for horses and then latterly the gym. I’d just set the expectation in my head that getting up time categorically wasn’t negotiable. I’d remember how crap I feel when I am injured or ill and that would help, but the best mental tool for me is this. If it was another person I had committed my time to, I definitely wouldn’t wuss out, so why lack that level of respect for myself? Simple 

I plan on doing this at least twice a week and then do my early morning on a Wednesday over by work so I get one day where I can get ready at a leisurely pace and not worry about traffic! I will use all my lunchtime sessions for strength work. Morning is all about the fat burn! 



The reality of Tough Mudder being in 3.5 months hit me today.  One of my friends posted a video of the new obstacles, and shit!

I have a long way to go before I will be able to traverse the overhead stuff and I am seriously considering a flippin nose clip for half of them.

I am making progress, but it is slow progress.  When I did total warrior, I was riding every day and was in the best shape I had ever been, yet I still only managed one monkey bar swing and the course was loads easier. I am less worried about the course in September as I have a long time to get some serious training under my belt.. but May!! arrgghhhh

Anyway, think positive and ignore the video I have just watched as that will only end up with me panicking and injuring myself by taking it too quickly

It’s on! 

It’s been frustrating me that I can’t put the time into fitness like I used to, then I drive past the Pure Gym near where I live and it dawned on me. If I REALLY want this, then I can sort it. Add this gym to my membership and get up before Leo wakes up and go. OK, it generally means being out of the house just after 4, but it’s the only way I can see it happening. 

I’m here right now, getting my low intensity on but it’s a bit later as I am working from home today, as is Tom so he is on Leo duty whilst I’m here. 

I just need to treat 4am as I used to treat 5am before I had Leo.. If I waver, just think of how much it does my head in that I have felt I can’t exercise more and get my ass out of bed. 

I will use my lunchtime sessions for strength and conditioning, I’ve lost basically all known muscle tone and my legs that were beautifully sculpted from many years of riding and spin are now just twigs with a ring of fat at the top! I am also determined to get some shape into my ridiculous excuse for a bottom! 

It is ON! 


We purchased some new scales that calculate body fat and link up to My Fitness Pal. Well, it’s not a pretty bit of news that it delivered. 

34% body fat. When I started out on my mission all those years ago, I was 36%. That was 36% of 175lb though, so not a direct comparison. It wasn’t a shock to me though, I have zero tone and did nothing but eat cake for a year! 

I am pretty gutted though of course as a whole is a long journey back and I have less availability now! My plan is to work on stripping the fat with low intensity cardio, I can do my Wednesday mornings in the gym and I think I will ask my dad if I can borrow his treadmill for a while, I can walk of an evening whilst watching TV or reading that way.. Or perhaps just drag my ass out of bed earlier and do it then, that would make the most sense but is hard if a full nights sleep isn’t guaranteed! 

This was last night’s beauty though.. If only they were all this good. 

I am starting to feel the benefits of all the positive steps I have put in place though. No work emails on my phone, reading before bed, clean eating, no sugar and generally managing my stress levels better by compartmentalising my world. If something goes shit at work, I am teaching myself to assess it and not take it as a deep personal insult every time and stop viewing it as a failure. It’s tough, but worth it! 

I can feel the wellness retuning and that is what I have been craving! 


After 6 months of irregular, drawn out and downed right agonising periods (never heard of for me pre baby ) I made the decision to cut down on dairy, stop eating the crap I had got into the habit of whilst surviving new motherhood, stop drinking and cut out on refined sugar again. 

I started on the quest about a month ago, and whilst Christmas being in the middle didn’t help, I have done a great job since then. I was too ill to drink over Christmas so that will have helped too. 

If it’s a coincidence, it’s a big coincidence and I’m not a big believer of coincidence. Let’s hope it’s stays back on track now, I certainly intend on keeping what I am eating on track. This just helps with the motivation. 

Forced it

I did it, first time in a long time that I set my alarm for 4.30 and dragged my ass out of bed to make the most of the only morning in the week that I can get to the gym. 

Not sure how well it’s going to work by 7pm when I finish, but I need to make the most of any opportunities that present themselves. 

It’s about adjusting my response to the wake up. I swore by the thought process many years ago, if I woke up and couldn’t be bothered, I just remembered all the times I was injured and couldn’t work out.. Basically snaps me out of it then! 

I’m really sore today and still struggling with this sore throat and cough (docs on Friday) but I just need the Dopamine and the exercise. Being down and gloomy is just a a get well recipe. 

I made fava bean burgers for tea last night. They were a little bit too time consuming for a week night meal, but they were great and when I start eating like this again, I feel good about myself, so it’s worth the extra effort. I like the experimenting, I like feeling like I’m not filling my body full of crap wherever possible and putting it under more pressure than it already is with environmental stresses. 

#smallthings #choseyourbattles 

Strip out the crap

Well, I haven’t been entirely well behaved on the food front this week but I have cooked loads of feel good teas and had proper breakfast rather than huel. 

I have also made a point of going out walking on a couple of my lunch breaks to take in some fresh air (as fresh as Salford air can be!) 

Whilst I don’t feel physically any better just yet and my throat is still super sore, I do feel a little mentally better. 

A little glimpse of my tasty falafel’s made using dried chickpeas. 

These were so easy to make and Leo absolutely loved them too. I am so pleased we made an effort to introduce food we liked when we weaned him, rather than the standard, bland crap people think you should feed a baby!