The scales don’t lie! 

It’s been a lazy week and a heavy weekend, I have +5.5lbs to show for it too. I don’t like to do things by half! 

I had to seriously have a word with myself to hit the 4.30am shift in the gym today, and it’s not a pleasant experience. In fact, I feel like I am getting the chest virus that is doing the rounds. That in itself actually motivated me as I don’t know when it may render me out of action. I could also be making it worse of course, but I’m not pushing cardio so I think it will be fine. 

I feel absolutely exhausted, pretty drained and sore basically everywhere but it’s these times I have to call on all my well established resources and coping mechanisms that I have implemented over the years.. And I’m here, some might say it’s better than lazing around in bed: some may not! 


Heading in the right direction 

Something is changing, and it appears to not be fat gain at least. Last month I was 49lbs worth of fat, this month I am 46lbs of fat. So that means I’m not just losing weight, I am gaining muscle again which is brilliant news and exactly what I want. 

For me now, I do like to use the weight as a quick look on progress, but the most important thing is getting rid of body fat and replacing it with lovely, wonderful, healthy muscles 💪 

I’m really finding my way with my workouts too, I haven’t managed any mad early ones this week as Leo had croup again at the weekend and that disturbs his nights, and consequently ours and at the end of the day, sleep is just so important to the entire process of life in general. When you are pushing your body physically, it needs to repair. 

I’m definitely feeling a lot better about myself. It’s not that I have noticed anything drastic in the clothing department and I am sure all 46lbs of fat are around my waist, but I’m feeling stronger. When you have been injured and in agony for a long time, this is the best feeling ever.