Join the club 

The more the merrier really, why should any joint or tendon be excluded from the pain party?

My elbows have been bothering me on and off for a while and I keep forgetting to mention it at physio. I booked an appointment specifically for them this time. They’re not that bad, I just like to know the score.

I’m tight in my pectorals, sub scapula and traps. I have some exercises to do and suffered through some pretty gross releases in my arm pit! I followed this up yesterday with a sports massage and those traps caused me some sweaty moments!

I have my new running shoes now, the idea is to start walking on the evenings that Tom collects Leo from forest school (Leo always falls asleep on the way home, so I don’t miss out on bedtime) I plan to strip the fat down with slow, prolonged, low intensity and then hopefully, I can start stepping it up somewhat. We’ll see