Not quite to plan

I weighed myself this morning. I’m heavier than I have been for a long time. I am 10lbs off my target and it’s just ridiculous. I need to get a grip of myself and set some serious disciplinary steps up. 

I can find excuses all day long, but I just need to knock it off. I don’t like carrying excess weight, I don’t like not fitting well in my clothes and I can do it. 

I am setting myself the goal of 5lbs off by the wild runner race, that is the end of September and I categorically will not fail. I then will aim for a further 3lbs before my friends wedding at the end of October. 

I am getting on pretty well with strength training again, bits of me keep complaining, but I’m just ignoring them. 

My plan will be to continue with my lunchtime gym trips for strength and tone. Once Leo is bathed and Tom is doing bed, I am then going to introduce an evening low intensity cardio into the mix. I can read and do my studying whilst working and then still not be that late to bed. I just don’t want to go back to 4am if I can help it, it’s a killer now I am back to working longer hours. 

My eating is simple to fix on the face of it. I just need to stop being a pig. Picking bits of Leo’s left overs is a killer and I can just stop that by binning them or at least tracking them and not eating my normal amount of tea! 

Simple when you write it down! 


It has to get worse.. 

Before it gets better! At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I had my another physio session a couple of days ago and once again, I have suffered. This time he focused on strength exercises for my glutes mainly and some ankle /foot stabilisation. My glutes are basically lazier than a teenage boy and getting them working is a killer. My hips have complained incessantly ever since, it’s tendon disruption rather than muscular and I always find that’s worse. 

I not new to this game, so I know that there will be considerable disruption on the road to recovery, I just need to be realistic and acknowledge my pain though. Mark is great, he adapts things to work around my broken pieces. I think he is pretty amazed at just how shit my glutes are though. As long as I keep my focus and don’t rush things it’ll be a different story in 6 month’s time! 

Hyyge and yoga to start the day

It was actually far less harsh than this picture makes it look, along with a couple of fake candles that are actually pretty realistic and my morning yoga room was ready to go.

I’m really enjoying my yoga, the app is fantastic and it’s really inspiring me to get on and do it whenever I have chance. I am ridiculously limited through my hamstrings, I need to look into how to adapt certain moves to compensate. I’m not sure whether it is better to bend my knees and have my hands flat on the floor or legs straight and be nowhere near the floor. Both options make me feel like I am over stretching my hams and I can feel the sciatic nerve irritation; which is obviously not a good thing. 

This is definitely the route I want to progress, I also want to keep doing my lunch time sessions in the gym to balance it all out and walk a couple of times a week too. 

I feel shattered at the minute, not sure why as I’m no worse off for sleep than normal and no more stressed at work but I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus! Will give it a couple of weeks and then consider getting myself checked out. There needs to be more hours in the day! 

Heading in the right direction 

Something is changing, and it appears to not be fat gain at least. Last month I was 49lbs worth of fat, this month I am 46lbs of fat. So that means I’m not just losing weight, I am gaining muscle again which is brilliant news and exactly what I want. 

For me now, I do like to use the weight as a quick look on progress, but the most important thing is getting rid of body fat and replacing it with lovely, wonderful, healthy muscles 💪 

I’m really finding my way with my workouts too, I haven’t managed any mad early ones this week as Leo had croup again at the weekend and that disturbs his nights, and consequently ours and at the end of the day, sleep is just so important to the entire process of life in general. When you are pushing your body physically, it needs to repair. 

I’m definitely feeling a lot better about myself. It’s not that I have noticed anything drastic in the clothing department and I am sure all 46lbs of fat are around my waist, but I’m feeling stronger. When you have been injured and in agony for a long time, this is the best feeling ever. 

It’s beginning 

Whilst the change in weight isn’t anything to write home about from when I began, I dingo up before I came down! It’s a start regardlessof 2lb down, roughly 1lb of that being fat which is obviously the best news! 

I feel infinitely better too, which is also important. I have managed a couple of 4am starts to fit the cardio in and have loved them. Early morning gym sessions are definitely my preference if I can fit them in. I feel my strength coming back too, so the tone will be returning.. Wooo 

I treated myself to some bands to work on my pull ups. I hadn’t thought about the fact that I needed to get up to the band to start off with so had to do some creative climbing! It felt good though, that is the most resistant one and I managed 3 sets of 5, the last 5 being questionable! It just felt good to have a session where I could feel my muscles shaking in a dark corner afterwards, that has been some time and it has been missed! 

I got myself out of bed at 5 this morning to get a workout in before starting the day with my favourite boys. I’m pleased with how quickly I have got my motivation back this year, it’s just what I needed. 


For the first 6 months of being back at work, I complained bitterly about not being able to get to the gym in a morning (my favourite time) and then it dawned on me the other day that I could haul my ass out of bed before the larks and get there. 

In fairness to me, it wasn’t really feasible prior weaving as we didn’t have a convenient gym and since we moved I have been struggling to get my ass well. 

Finally I feel like there is progress. I have the added motivation of booked events and I’m sick of having no tone.. So what do you do, complain and do nothing? Nope, you move the none negotiable to 4am and no questions allowed! 

It was something that carried me through when I used to get up early for horses and then latterly the gym. I’d just set the expectation in my head that getting up time categorically wasn’t negotiable. I’d remember how crap I feel when I am injured or ill and that would help, but the best mental tool for me is this. If it was another person I had committed my time to, I definitely wouldn’t wuss out, so why lack that level of respect for myself? Simple 

I plan on doing this at least twice a week and then do my early morning on a Wednesday over by work so I get one day where I can get ready at a leisurely pace and not worry about traffic! I will use all my lunchtime sessions for strength work. Morning is all about the fat burn!