It was good to get back in the saddle 


I went out riding for the first time since April 2015, when I sold my final horse. My friend has polo ponies, so it was a very different experience to what I am used to. Regardless of feeling like a total novice and being completely incompetent with anything even remotely outdoorsy, it was great. We even got utterly piss wet through, so a good authentic summer hack in the UK. 

The polo saddle is also totally different to the saddles I used to sit in. Mine were padded and luxurious, polo saddles are designed to keep you as close to the horse as they can, so padding is not a luxury to be afforded. Needless to say, by ass bones are really quite unhappy right now and I’d imagine the situation will be no more improved by the morning. 

My kit hadn’t been used for so long, a poor little dormouse had taken up residency in my boot for what I can only imagine was a winter slumber: but never came out the other side. As sad as it is, my handling of its removal was a source of amusement.