Meal replacements

I’ve been looking for a suitable vegan meal replacement since I returned to work. With going to the gym on my lunch breaks, I always felt it wasn’t acceptable to then sit and each lunch after my lunch hour, this is where the quest came from. 

We had been using Huel for some time and it’s brilliant. It’s totally nutritionally balanced, so in theory you can live solely on that. It taste great and always kept me full, unfortunately, their latest version of it bloats me terribly and gives me really awful pain. People do claim it passes, but I just couldn’t get used to it or take the debilitating affect of it when having to interact with Leo, so I’ve had to give up on it. 

I tried Garden of Life raw meal but I just couldn’t get used to to texture, it’s like drinking a muddy puddle.  That’s a no then. 

The next one I tried was Vega One. The sweetness makes your head hurt! It’s a lot more tolerable in water, but still, completely unnecessary but tolerable for me. However, still not completely happy I continued until I found Purition. 

Purition offer vegan and dairy based products. The whey is sourced from local, grass fed cows, so if you are interested purely in your own health rather than the full chain accountability, then this is a great option. I have tried both because the dairy version has more flavours, although the Vegan Chocolate is currently my favourite anyway. 

There is quite a lot of texture to it as the ingredients are raw, but it’s not gritty like the GOL. It’s more deliberate as it’s whole chia seeds and chunks of things like almonds (if it’s  that flavour!) and if you blend it then it’s almost smooth. There isn’t the intense sweetness of vega, this uses ground Stevia leaves so I don’t know if that makes a difference. The flavours are subtle and real and I think it may just be the one! Cost wise, you buy 3 bags at a time and it works out about £1.50 a meal. Perfect