It has to get worse.. 

Before it gets better! At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I had my another physio session a couple of days ago and once again, I have suffered. This time he focused on strength exercises for my glutes mainly and some ankle /foot stabilisation. My glutes are basically lazier than a teenage boy and getting them working is a killer. My hips have complained incessantly ever since, it’s tendon disruption rather than muscular and I always find that’s worse. 

I not new to this game, so I know that there will be considerable disruption on the road to recovery, I just need to be realistic and acknowledge my pain though. Mark is great, he adapts things to work around my broken pieces. I think he is pretty amazed at just how shit my glutes are though. As long as I keep my focus and don’t rush things it’ll be a different story in 6 month’s time! 



I’ve been really struggling with weakness this last 5 days or so. Things I was managing the previous week are way out of reach this week. I think I have been fighting the latest illness but haven’t really felt that rough.. No idea what is going on. 

I’m still taking my vitamins, I’m potentially a little low on my protein intake, but nothing horrific I didn’t think. I don’t feel exhausted or weak when I’m not working out, it’s just when I attempt something that requires strength, I’m basically pathetic. I had a few cheeky ports this weekend, that is not going to have helped! 

All I can do is plod on and I will come out the other side